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Living Essentials Allowance Grant


*Please note: We are not currently accepting applications.


Must be an adult patient diagnosed with a condition that requires organ transplantation and travel to a Bay Area hospital. Patients may be undergoing pre-transplant evaluation, lodging for the 3-month post-transplant stay, or experiencing extended hospital stays due to surgical complications and/or organ rejection.


Complete the Living Expenses Allowance Grant Application and obtain a referral letter from your care team.

How to Apply For Living Essentials Allowance Grant

1.    Download and complete the Living Essentials Allowance Grant Application

2.    Obtain a letter (on hospital letterhead) from a medical professional (i.e. doctor, transplant coordinator, or social worker) stating that the patient meets the requirements for the grant, why the Living Essentials Allowance is needed, and indicate the patient's current stage in the transplant process. 


3.    Provide receipts for expenses for which you are seeking reimbursement.


4.    Send the completed application, letter of referral, and receipts to

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